Clash Royale 2

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Continue your journey through the fantastic lands of incredible Clash Royale, because the second part of a famous title is already on the run. We have uploaded it for you right after the launch, so you are welcome to become one of the first players and enjoy the game earlier than any of your friends! Get in now and enjoy – the game is absolutely free. You will have a chance to try new cards, meet new amazing characters, and fight with new rivals that have different levels of experience – some are the newcomers and the others might have been playing Clash Royale for years, so be ready for everything! As you already know from the previous part, the game is based on your achievements and new cards you get after passing a certain level. The aim is clear – you gather an army represented by the cards. The army can consist of different characters.
They are soldiers, magicians, healers, and other fantastic creatures that have various skills and act differently in the battle. Some warriors are perfect for the close battle – they have swords and massive ammunition. The others are great when it comes to distanced fights – their bows and light armor helps them to be mobile and strike the aims that are located far away. The magicians represent different types of skill. They can master the wind, water, or fire. Some of their spells are for struggles, the others provide defense, still others can help the warriors replenish their health and energy. Also, not only the cards are for characters. There are cards that provide defensive constructions and building resources, various additional features, spells, and skills. In a word, the more cards you have, the better you are in a struggle. At the same time, you need to be attentive when gathering them – make sure to have those that are really helpful and coincide with the other ones. Have a plan and follow it strictly, so you will develop your special way of fighting and create your unique playing style. The aim is to gather a huge amount of cards that represent different skills and opportunities – the more cards you have, the more options in the battle you gain. When you meet strong rivals, you should take care of different moves and strategies to follow – you never know what exactly your enemy has to show you, so you might find yourself in a difficult situation of your arsenal of weapons, defense, and tricks is too small! Be sure to equip yourself perfectly before you enter the battle and your chances to win it will certainly grow.

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