Clash Royale 3

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The fights between clans and armies can never stop and you are the prominent participant there! Are you ready to continue your way to the highest tops with Clash Royale? Welcome to the third part of the game then! Now you will have an access to more amazing warriors, weapons, and magical spells! The number of available cards increases from one Clash Royale title to another, so now you will get even more than you have ever seen. The idea of the third part is the same as it was before – you are a collector, a leader of the army. Your task is to create a unique and well-balanced deck of playing cards. The cards represent different types of warriors, skills, weapons, magical spells, and defensive mechanisms. Be sure to pay attention to every single aspect of your army, including the attacking units, healers, and towers that keep you safe from the enemies.
The game unwraps itself in the real time, so you will meet fellows from all places of the world on the server and play with them online. You will gather and improve your collections of dozens of cards, creating a team that cannot be beaten. Passing thousands of different matches, you will get into the list of the best players. Create your own clan and boats of being the strongest on the server. The cards can be traded and exchanged, so other players will communicate with you in the process. You can fight against numerous rivals or arrange 2 VS 2 battles between you and your friends or simply fans of the game that are currently available at the server. Fight with your comrades in one team, overcome enemies, and open new chests where useful items can be found. Every day and every week the game will offer you special quests and you can take them and complete them for awards! Learn new tactics, develop unusual strategies and become the best warrior online! Don’t forget that we have more parts of Clash Royale on this site, so enjoy them all on your PC and/or mobile phone!

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